bandiera blu sant'angelo
bandiera blu sant'angelo
bandiera blu sant'angelo

Blue Flag, quality deserves an award

Every year, since 2006, the Cavallino-Treporti coastline, where Sant’Angelo Village is located, has been awarded the “Blue Flag”.

What does this mean? It’s simple, it is the prestigious international award for clean water, respect for the environment and the quality of services, a seal that guarantees a top level in these areas.

The Blue Flag is waving here

The Blue Flag is an initiative of the FEE – Foundation for Environmental Education – the non-profit international organization that deals with environmental education with a presence in over 30 countries.

It shows that the Cavallino-Treporti coastline is a European coastal location that fulfils the quality criteria related to bathing waters that are analysed every 15 days with results that are published, to guarantee a healthy stay for visitors and local residents.

The main awarding criteria
  • Excellent quality bathing water
  • Beach always clean
  • No industrial or sewage-related discharges
  • Availability of analysis data
  • Information on the Blue Flag campaign must be displayed
  • There must be no activities that cause danger to bathers
  • Efficient beach services
  • AEasy access for disabled people
  • Lifesaving equipment and boats must be available at the beach
  • Balance between bathing activities and protection of nature